Learn how we do appraisals at Anthony Scornavacco Antiques. Did you know there are very few people in the twin cities qualified enough to appraise fine antiques and arts? Before scheduling an appraisal for an item or collection we recommend you review the experience, credentials and references to ensure they are qualified. We assure you Anthony Scornavacco is one of the most experienced, is registered and can provide appropriate industry references and documentation.

Here are some things you may want to know if you are wanting Anthony to appraise an item for you. Antique dealers do not all complete their appraisals the same so we wanted to provide you with a little insight about how your experience with Anthony will be.

  1. Appraisals can be performed in our showroom or in the privacy of your own home. Appraisal fees apply based on an hourly rate.
  2. Your appraisal process will be documented and certified by Anthony Scornavacco.
  3. Silver, 17th, 18th and early 19th century is Tony’s specialty when it comes to appraising items at Anthony Scornavacco Antiques.
  4. Anthony loves appraising and collecting antique silver and it has been a consistent passion of his since the beginning.

Now this may seem limited in details but the approach Anthony takes with each person he works with is exclusive and one on one. Each person and item will come with their own needs. Needs that  Anthony likes to learn through discussing details that specifically pertain to you over the phone. From there he can determine what is best suited for you.

Buying Your Antiques

Interested in selling your valuable? Call Anthony Scornavacco Antiques to share with us what you have. Much like the appraisal process, our buying process we allow you to bring your item or entire collection into our showroom for an evaluation and then we can determine on how to proceed. Tony even fly’s places to preview pieces someone is willing to sell if it falls in line with what he is looking for to sell in his store. Remember every item in the Anthony Scornavacco Antiques showroom is picked out by Anthony himself and has personal meaning to him.

*If your item is not purchased and full evaluation has been completed then an appraisal fee may apply.

Antiques at Anthony Scornavacco Antiques

Our 2,500 sq. ft. showroom houses individual pieces and collections of 17th and 18th century furniture, decorative arts, glass, paintings bronses and more. You will also find 17th century Italian, 17th century Spanish, 18th century French, Italian and continental furniture and furnishings in all areas.  Not to mention cases full of silver.  Have you ever heard of the word Objets de vertu? It means Small objects of precious value. This is a word widely used at Anthony Scornavacco Antiques.

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