About Anthony Scornavacco

Anthony Scornavacco has been involved with collecting since his childhood. Everything is personally chosen by him. His items come almost entirely of local and private sources. High end, quality, charity sponsored antique shows in the US such as Hartford, CT, Greenwich, CT, Southport, Westport, CT, Lake Forest, IL, Winnetka, IL, Chicago Merchendise Mart, Los Angeles, Omaha Lauritzen Garden, Houston Theta, Dallas Tri-Delta, Denver, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Original Miami Beach International, and Nashville Garden were his main focus for many years. He’s a nationally known and respected dealer with silver his specialty.

Antique Appraiser Experience

My experience as an antique appraiser and dealer began in the fall of 1975, and has spanned the past 35 years.  During this time I have participated in hundreds of major art and antique shows across the United States, from the Greenwich, Connecticut, to Los Angeles, California.  Due to my nationwide showings, I have a thorough understanding of the valuation of antiques in both a regional and national setting.  My expertise in appraisal work has been recommended by the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota, other historic institutions and universities, and has been called upon on numerous occasions. 

Estate Sales Experience

In addition to antiques, I have overseen numerous estate sales in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region, of which I either directly appraised or reviewed every article.  It is with a thorough knowledge and meticulous research that every item is evaluated for the most accurate value.